Create your own Ultrasound Simulator
VausSim™ is a Versatile Advanced Ultrasound Simulator.



Using VAUSSIM you will be able to transform every simulator into an Advanced Ultrasound Simulator.



Easily create your own casebook in order to create your exclusive and unique Simulator.


Multimedia Content

Display images, videos and volumes without restriction.



View the instructor interface on any device with an internet browser.


VausSim™ is a Versatile Advanced Ultrasound Simulator, designed to make diagnosis during movement.

The VausSim™ ultrasound simulator, thanks to a network of high-fidelity sensors, makes the skin of any simulator or manikin ultrasound scannable also in mobile settings. This simulator allows the instructor to independently create, through the use of a powerful editor, a customized and exclusive casebook of real US images/videos/volumes without any additional cost.

Thanks to an innovative technology, the simulator allows to change the pathological ultrasound status of the patient in real time during the scenarios. VausSim™ is also completely indipendent and not sensitive to magnetic field rumors and guarantees continuous functioning also during transportation and movement of the patient.

VausSim™: Create your own Ultrasound Simulator.


The VausSim™ package includes:

  • 3 Simulated Ultrasound Probes (1 linear, 1 convex, 1 phase array)
  • 1 Reference System Module
  • 20-pack RFID tags
  • USB stick including VausSim software, lifetime license key, casebooks and user manual
  • Emergency 1 module including n° 8 Emergency cases
  • Emergency Covid 1 module including n° 1 COVID scenario
  • IP67 certified and waterproof transport case
  • Installation support and remote training
  • Lifetime free software updates and upgrades
  • 1 Year Warranty

VausSim™ Optionals:
  • Abdominal1 Module (8 cases)
  • Pleural1 Module (8 cases)
  • Cardiac1 Module (8 cases)
  • Intrapartum1 Module (8 Intrapartum cases)
  • Intrapartum2 Module (8 Intrapartum cases)
  • OB/GYN PPH Module (15 cases - 10 scenarios)
  • Pediatric1 Module (8 cases)

Minimum System Requirements for the PC:
  • Display: 15" - Display Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • CPU: Intel Core i-5
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)
  • SSD (Solid State Drive): 128 GB
  • Dedicated graphic card RAM: 2 GB
  • USB ports: preferred 4 (minimal 2)
  • HDMI ports: 1

VausSim™ is a product from Accurate, a company blending international experience, scientific research, engineering and development of truly effective hi-tech educational solutions in the medical field.

Published patent application: IT102017000016345A

CLINICAL USE DISCLAIMER VausSim™ is licensed for use for educational purposes only. VausSim™ is not intended for clinical use.


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